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Photo of Daphne from Bridgerton

The latest Netflix obsession we’ve all been bingeing? Oh yes, it’s Bridgerton. A post-Emily-In-Paris era means the timing was just right for the world to fall back in love with regency looks this Spring. And the eight-part series has really got the world swooning.

But if you’ve binged the entire series (just like us!) don’t be disappointed that it’s over, because we’ve created this guide to achieve the signature Bridgerton look.

6 regency hair and makeup looks good enough for a grand ball! Now, we’re just waiting for the invites to come rolling in…

Daphne’s Dewy Glow

Great makeup artists always enhance their clients’ natural qualities. So naturally, the show’s hair and makeup designer, Marc Pilcher worked to make the delightful lead character Daphne as glowy as possible. And that glow has the whole town talking.

How to achieve it for yourself? The team suggests starting with a very fine foundation or tinted moisturiser. This creates a natural, dewy freshness that looks effortless.

Daphne’s look was followed with an illuminator, running a cream shade lightly under the cheekbones and under the jaw bone. And the final golden rule of TV? A very fine powder to set the makeup. Meaning all the angsty hijinks and dramatic horse riding won’t ruin your fresh-faced look.

Lady Danbury’s Brows

As well as a wonderful palette of glowing skin, there were some fierce turns in the eyebrow department too. Most notably, Lady Danbury’s beautifully sculpted brows offered viewers an insight into her commanding presence. When one was raised, you certainly knew about it.

Lady Danbury sports a thick, natural effect that’s the perfect partner to a daytime power-suit or cute cocktail evening look. Or hell a full-blown ball gown – you decide!

To achieve a similar look, start with a dual combination of pencil and powder. Work towards a strong, full shape in a natural shade.

Or even better, use lamination. A skilled procedure that sets those pesky hairs in place, for that long term, Netflix soft-focus finish. Sure to keep Lady Whistledown scribbling.

New to lamination? Learn all about this trailblazing technique on our expertly run course. Giving your clients the brows they’ve always dreamed of.

Penelope’s Blush 

Reddened cheeks and lips have been traced back to the 18th century, where things were (even then) pretty intense. But by Bridgerton times, women had crafted a much more subtle look.

Penelope, Daphne’s loyal friend, is a shining example of blush that really works. Contrasting with her on-point auburn curls, she’s got the ultimate demure, debutant flush down.

To recreate the look, work with a cream blusher. A non-greasy option that melts into the skin effortlessly is the way to go. Blend onto the apples of the cheeks, softening the edges with a buffing brush. Top tip? You can add it to your lips as well so you’ve got a perfectly matching look, for that fresh-faced flush.

Grecian Inspired Locks

Marc Pilcher found some interesting inspirations for his Bridgerton aesthetic, based around the shapes of ancient Greece he told Vogue. This New Romantic style has us head over heels – and you can be too!

Curls are key here, so play with tong sizes to find a width that’s soft yet defined. Capture the curls with a strong hairspray, before loosening with a high-quality hair oil, running it through your fingers and through the curls. Break them up just enough that they have a natural, soft texture, then play with layering braids to create updo’s worthy of the gods.


Another Grecian influence that stopped many a suitor’s eye – embellishments. While you can go for a full ostrich feather if that’s your thing, a delicate ribbon can offer a modern and demure take on the new trend.

Try a high shine silver for a flirty nighttime look, or a bright pop of colour to brighten up a daytime stroll. Weave through your plaits, or into your updo. And if a Duke is nearby, don’t be afraid to reach for the all-time classic – the tiara. A signature Bridgerton look.

Baby Bangs

If there’s one look that says Bridgerton style more than anything, it’s the incomparable baby bangs, flaunted by the one and only Daphne Bridgerton. These face-framing wisps can be styled to frame any face and add a touch of youthful elegance. Think Audrey Hepburn meets Winona Ryder. 

Section off a small protein of your bangs and consider using a mini flat iron to get the required precision. Curl inwards towards the face, and allow them to cool in place with clips or a hand. Apply a light, flexible hairspray here to allow for a little natural movement, a la a bow for the Queen. 

Whatever look you want to achieve, be sure to keep your skill glowing with new embellishments. Try our range of exquisite online courses, to keep your clients coming back for more dewy freshness.

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